This poster plays with contrasts on several different levels. Solid brick wall against the organic and untamable shapes of the tree. Sharp lines against soft leafs. The wall is a representation of the man-made which interferes with nature by cutting a path up through the tree. The path guides the eye (as well as the negative space) up through the poster. Furthermore there’s a certain paradoxical deconstructionism in the tree itself, which on the one hand can be perceived as a whole when looking at the poster from afar. But once you move closer you’ll quickly notice, that what you initially thought to be a single tree, is in fact a small forest of independent trees separated by the brick wall. And what you believed to be the leafs that one tree, is in fact the ground on which the brick wall is standing – and even this can be questioned, as the position of the moon on top of the soil together with the many stars, challenges you to think of the ground as being a night sky. The entire motive of the “BEYOND” poster is built on these contrasting ideas.

BEYOND Close-up 01

BEYOND Close-up 02

BEYOND Close-up 03

BEYOND Close-up 04

BEYOND Close-up 05